Our business negotiation lawyers assist many clients both in Toronto and internationally in a variety of commercial transactions and disputes that result in positive outcomes.

At Rajwans, our business negotiation and conflict resolution legal services focus on practical and creative solutions to help businesses continue to operate and avoid potentially costly and lengthy litigation.  Our approach is based on straight-talk, integrity, and business and legal acumen.

From our diverse range of negotiation experience whether domestically or cross-culturally, we understand that building trust among all parties is a key component in achieving successful outcomes.  Our lawyers also are aware that successful results are based on proper preparation and strategy.  As lawyers with business industry experience outside the walls of a law firm, our team adds further value to the negotiation and settlement process in order to achieve the best possible outcome on behalf of our clients.

Our business negotiation legal services include, without limitation:

  • Strategize with Clients on the Deal Making Process to Create Value
  • Conduct Business Negotiations to Successfully Close Transactions
  • Focus on Resolving and Settling Conflicts in an Effort to Avoid Costly and Lengthy Litigation
  • Provide Creative and Tailor-made Legal and Business Solutions to Disputes
  • Mitigate Risks Surrounding the Outcome

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