Our Outsourced General Counsel Services provide companies with the opportunity to have dedicated and customized legal advice tailored to their business needs at an affordable price.

Businesses require more than just occasional legal advice. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the financial means to engage a lawyer for each issue that arises and pay legal fees either by the hour or on flat fee basis; or alternatively, to hire full-time in-house general counsel. 

To address this issue and better serve our clients, we offer businesses dedicated outsourced general counsel legal services. Our business lawyers provide strategic legal advice and guidance that is available when needed and at a fixed monthly fee. This offers our clients with the benefits of having a dedicated and available “outsourced in-house” legal professional without the significant costs associated with it.

Our business lawyers have extensive experience advising small to medium size businesses on legal matters relating to every aspect of their business activities. In addition, our lawyers have also held management positions for a variety of businesses outside the walls of a law firm, and it is this experience that allows us to properly appreciate and take into consideration a company’s business operations and strategy, which traditional legal advice sometimes fails to account for.

We offer our general counsel services for a predetermined number of hours at a fixed rate per month. This differs from that of the traditional per hour billing as commonly seen within the legal industry, which leads to uncertainty in your operational costs.

Our general counsel services are dependent on the specific needs of the client. Our clients are not obligated to sign up for a certain term when retaining our services and are free to amend their services as their legal needs change. While our outsourced general counsel services are limited to providing strategic legal advice, clients can apply any unused hours against other legal services that fall within our scope of services.

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